RIDBA Publishes Third Edition of the Farm Buildings Handbook

The third edition of The Farm Buildings Handbook has now been released.

The Farm Buildings Handbook is published by the Rural & Industrial Design & Building Association (RIDBA) and is an invaluable information source for anyone involved in farm construction.

The third edition of the Handbook supersedes the second edition published in February 2013. The latest edition includes updates and additional items, in order to better reflect current best practice and changes in technology.

We recommend this book to farmers, estate managers, contractors, designers and anyone involved in agricultural construction who may not have the complete knowledge of the requirements involved, for example, how much space to allow livestock and how much waste stock produces. The book offers the reader a range of relevant information and data that can be used to help plan, design and potentially specify a new farm building or facility.

The latest edition of the Farm Buildings Handbook covers all aspects of farm construction, from planning through to fit-out of all types of buildings, with sections including: legislation and regulations, construction technology, buildings for livestock, storage and machinery as well as other areas for diversification. The book aims to be a guide for what needs to be considered when planning a farm building from asbestos and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) to energy supplies and slurry storage.

RIDBA would like to acknowledge the original contributors of The Farm Buildings Handbook along with Jamie Robertson (Livestock Management Systems Ltd) and Mike Bennett (Bennett & Co. (Crop Storage Engineering) Ltd) for their contribution to the latest edition. RIDBA also extends its thanks to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) whose contribution has been invaluable.

Copies of The Farm Buildings Handbook can be purchased on the RIDBA website for £14.99 (plus postage).

You can download the full press release here.