Members’ Meeting (CE Marking and Health & Safety)

CE Mark

Members' Meeting (with a focus on CE Marking Enforcement and Health & Safety)

On Wednesday 16 October 2019, RIDBA held a Members' Meeting featuring experts from across the industry covering, several important and relevant industry topics. The meeting addressed issues such as CE Marking enforcement and the implications Brexit may have on compliance in the morning session, followed by key health and safety issues in the afternoon including mild weld fume management, silica dust, and working at height.

See below for speakers & presentations:

  • Niresh Somlie (Principal Technical Officer at BM Trada) - CE Marking in a Brexit World

A discussion on the implications Brexit will have on CE Marking compliance and what can be expected from a Deal or No Deal outcome, with an introduction to the UKCA Mark.
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  • Martin Heywood (Technical Consultant at RIDBA) - Structural Design of Agricultural Buildings 

A look into some of the issues relating to the structural design of agricultural buildings and how this fits in with CE Marking, as well as a brief discussion about the reuse of steel frames.
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  • Martin Thursby (Principal Trading Standards Officer at Dorset Trading Standards) - CE Marking Enforcement

An in-depth explanation of how Trading Standards enforcement for CE marking works and the relationship between TS departments within the Primary Authority Agreement. A look into what enforcements have been undertaken and the actions and consequences as a result.
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  • Steve Watson, STRUMIS - Using Software to Manage the Design Process and CE Marking Compliance

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  • Sarah Palfreyman (Health & Safety Executive) - Mild Weld Fume Management

An explanation of the inspection regime involved when working with weld fumes, and the control measures that must be taken in order to comply.
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  • Dean Greer (Chair of the ILEVE Steering Committee) - Welding Fume Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Options

Looking at the different options available for use in extracting Welding Fumes in the workplace weighing up the Pros and Cons.
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  • Charles Shaw (Hire & Construction Division Manager of Makita UK) - Silica Dust & Concrete Fibre Boards: What are the dangers and how to minimise the risks

A discussion around the health risks of exposure to silica dust, and the methods and technology that can be used to reduce the risks involved.
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  • Peter Bennett OBE (Managing Director at PASMA) - Working at Height: Proactively addressing the issues of proper safety planning
    What are the common causes for injury or death when working at height, how to safeguard against them and what the APPG is doing as part of the bigger picture? A comprehensive examination of working at heights and the proportionate measures needed to manage risks in regards to the erection building of farming, agricultural and other rural buildings, as well as the fixing of roof and wall panels at height.
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