Code of Practice

Each contracting Frame Manufacturer or Contractor member of the Rural and Industrial Design and Building Association (RIDBA) shall subscribe on an annual basis to the terms of this Code of Practice which aims to:

  1. Establish high standards for the conduct of the work undertaken and products and services supplied by Members.
  2. Lay out clearly for clients, not normally covered by forms of contract, the terms under which registered members of the Association shall operate.
  • The Contractor*, unless engaged under a form of contract, shall obtain from the client information on the latter’s requirements and shall offer the necessary technical and contractual advice in plain language.
  • The Contractor will not quote for an unsuitable project.
  • The Contractor shall arrange, and at all times maintain adequate insurance cover in respect of employer’s and public liability.
  • Thereafter, the Contractor shall present to the client a clear quotation (either a fluctuating or fixed price with a defined period for acceptance) or estimate (where the cost of the works may alter once the structure has been examined in detail). The written quotation will plainly state: the price of the work, what is included and what form of agreement or contract will be used.
  • Once the parties agree to the resultant written quotation or estimate, either verbally or in writing, a contract shall exist between them. This should be confirmed in writing.
  • Quotations or estimates shall be written so as to be legible, comprehensive and easily understood. These must also show clearly whether VAT is applicable and at the current rate.
  • The Contractor shall proceed with the work according to the agreement between the Contractor and the client and keep the client informed of progress.
  • Where there are changes to the work specified or extra costs are involved, the Contractor will, whenever possible, inform the client and reach agreement with them before starting/ continuing with work.
  • The Contractor shall comply with the regulations laid down by the Health and Safety Executive and, at all times, work to an acceptable health and safety plan.
  • A Contractor shall complete each contract:
    a. On time, as agreed in the contract but with provision for weather, unforeseen circumstances or agreed variations to the work and other factors outside the Contractor’s control. Where delay is likely to occur, the Contractor shall give due notice to the client.
    b. Unless the client has failed to make agreed payments, is in serious breach of contract, if there is some other substantial valid justification or the contract has been terminated.
  • The Contractor shall repay any deposits and pre-payments promptly and in whole should a contract be cancelled through no fault of the client less any direct costs incurred.
  • The Contractor shall ensure that they have an adequately supervised, trained and qualified work force and ensure that nets, competently rigged, and adequate edge protection or acceptable alternative fall protection is used on site at all times when working at height.
  • Each Contractor shall execute each contract in accordance with current building regulations, relevant British or European Standards or other technical approved accreditations operative at the time, and codes or practice relevant to the work being carried out.
  • The Contractor shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that materials used are ‘fit for purpose’ and of satisfactory quality.
  • Where a client seeks to disregard a Contractor’s advice on work to be carried out, or materials to be used, the facts shall be recorded in writing.
  • All Frame Manufacturers, as a condition of membership, shall ensure, where applicable, that their materials meet BS/EN standards and are CE marked and have independent third party assessment.
  • The Contractor shall ensure that their employees treat both the client and their property with respect and ensure that, unless otherwise agreed with the client, they will leave the site clean and tidy.
  • The Contractor shall inform RIDBA if they are prosecuted by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for any reason and report any fatalities or major injuries.
  • Each RIDBA member shall comply with the RIDBA Complaints Procedure.

*Contractor refers to a RIDBA Contractor member who is working on site (groundworker, steel erector, cladder or general contractor) or installing a framed structure.