The Rural and Industrial Design and Building Association (RIDBA) is the recognised trade association for the modern agricultural and industrial buildings industry representing contractors, fabricators, designers, surveyors, planners, manufacturers and colleges.

Before the Farm Buildings Association (FBA) was formed in 1956, the standard of farm buildings was so poor that it was not uncommon for 50% of fattening pigs to die due to the awful conditions in which they were housed. FBA founders, David Soutar, W.E. Cave and John Mackie recognised the lack of advice, research and information on farm buildings, so formed the FBA.

The first annual conference was held in Perth in April 1956 and 70 members from all areas of the country conducted a series of farm visits under the leadership of the first Chairman, John Mackie. The conference included visits to a 76 cow dairy unit, 7,000 tonne potato storage unit and a number of arable and feeding farms. From here it went quickly from strength to strength, rapidly recruiting over 1,000 members and worked tirelessly to improve animal welfare as well as profitability for farmers.

In 2005 the FBA became RIDBA, as it is known today in order to recognise that the differences in construction practices between industrial and farm buildings was reducing all the time, and the fact that many members were involved in both.

RIDBA provides an exclusive range of benefits and services designed to support its members.