Monthly Archives: October 2017

Wind Loading on Agricultural Buildings

All buildings and other external structures are subjected to wind loading which, over the 20 to 50 year design life of the building, may on occasion be sufficiently strong to cause damage to the cladding and even the building structure. It is therefore essential that this loading is properly accounted for during the design and...
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Successful Members’ Meeting

The last RIDBA Members’ Meeting took place at the Bathurst Estate in Cirencester and it was great to have such a good turnout despite the weather! Members were given an update on what RIDBA has been doing over the last few months and what plans were in place moving forward. RIDBA’s Technical Consultant, Martin Heywood...
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CITB announces Agenda for Change

As an industry training board (ITB), CITB is asked by the Secretary of State to show that it has continued support from the construction industry every three years – this is knowns as Consensus. With Consensus achieved, the Government can then authorise CITB to collect a construction levy from employers and invest it in the...
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